Department of Sociology

Study human behavior

Mercer University’s Sociology Department offers majors in both Criminal Justice and Sociology. Our courses teach you critical thinking and communication skills while you discover unique approaches to study human behavior. Our graduates enjoy careers in human services, marketing, and many pursue graduate school programs in law, criminal justice, social work, and public health.

Majors and minors

  • Sociology (major and minor) — As a Sociology student, you will build a strong foundational knowledge in theories, research methods, and data analysis to lead a successful career in the field. We provide a number of hands-on opportunities to conduct independent research as an undergraduate, allowing you to put your knowledge into practice to improve your community.
  • Criminal Justice (major and minor) — Our Criminal Justice program is interdisciplinary, meaning the courses are taught through a diverse set of departments. This allows you to view law, justice, race, and human behavior issues from a variety of viewpoints to widen your perspective.
  • Environmental Studies (minor) — This interdisciplinary program provides you with a diverse course selection, joining the natural sciences, social sciences, and humanities to deepen your understanding of environmental problems.