Ethics, Leadership and Service

Leading a life of integrity and worth

The Ethics, Leadership and Service program recognizes that the world is a better place when we have ethical leaders.

Determining what an ethical leader is means realizing that ethics is about developing the perspectives, knowledge base, emotional intelligence, and skills with which to live a human and humane life.

Such a life requires that we set goals that are worthy and honorable. Philosophical and religious traditions through the centuries and across cultures have said in many different ways that we must seek the well-being of others.

Ethics cannot, therefore, be divorced from service. That is why service is a required part of the minor.

Nor can ethics be divorced from hard thinking about theories and social problems. That is why this minor intersects with work in diverse disciplines. In close consultation with the faculty, each student will craft a path through the minor that reflects their interests, goals, and talents.

Ethics entails becoming a leader, in a broad sense of the term. People can lead in all kinds of settings, in all kinds of ways, but ethical leaders both model and enable lives of integrity and worth.

The minor in Ethics, Leadership and Service consists of 19 hours of coursework and service. See all program requirements and course descriptions in the Mercer University catalog.

Recent service projects

As part of the minor, students work on a service project that ties in to their particular interests, experience, coursework, and strengths. Recent student projects have included:

  • Helping create the Mindful Mercer organization
  • Forming the #ResLifeRealLife Initiative to help RAs with their difficult roles and responsibilities
  • Analyzing and making recommendations to improve outcomes of service-learning students involved in Read2Succeed.
  • Working to create a Mercer-led nonprofit to support Romani Hope, a Mercer On Mission partner organization.

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