Ethics, Leadership and Service

Build strong moral foundations

The Ethics, Leadership and Service model starts with the idea that to live a good life, one must build upon good, well-considered, and strong moral foundations. The study of ethics helps provide such a foundation along with the reasoning skills that last a lifetime.

The Ethics, Leadership and Service minor at Mercer University investigates ethical theories and how they relate to social problems. This minor is interdisciplinary, meaning our curriculum intersects with several topics including philosophy, politics, religion, communication, and sociology.

Ethics is more than a moral compass or religious principle. It can be found at the root of all decisions, actions, and thoughts. We encourage you to take your knowledge to the world around you and discover how you can positively affect the world. This can be done through local outreaches, internships, and study abroad opportunities.

A minor in Ethics, Leadership and Service consists of 19 hours. See all program requirements and course descriptions in the Mercer University 2019-20 Catalog.

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Dr. Creighton Rosental

Professor and Chair of Philosophy

Dr. Paul A. Lewis

Professor of Religion

Dr. Marc A. Jolley

Senior Lecturer of Philosophy