Hands-on learning

As a Sociology major at Mercer University, you will learn the fundamentals of academic research through hands-on training from our faculty. You will complete an introductory course in research methods to obtain the basic skills of sociological studies, such as:

  • Connecting sociological theory and research
  • Evaluating academic literature
  • Field research principles
  • Lab exercises
  • Research design
  • Statistical analysis

Once you learn the foundational principles of sociological research, you may enroll in SOC 405: Empirical Research Project. In this class, you will select a topic you are interested in studying and:

  • Design the entire research project
  • Collect data
  • Analyze the data
  • Present the results

If you complete SOC 405 by your junior year, you may take your research even further by working closely with a Sociology faculty member. You will develop your research project to present your findings at a regional or national conference.