Department of Mathematics

Stand out from the competition

Mercer University’s Mathematics Department provides an opportunity for you to pursue a degree that will challenge and stretch your mind. When you choose to graduate in our department, you will stand out among the competition in any industry you choose to pursue. Employers understand that it takes determination, motivation, and intelligence to complete a degree in mathematics or statistics. Our curriculum features community outreaches, conferences, competitions, events, and more. When you combine your education with outside of the classroom experiences, you will be equipped to obtain a fulfilling career upon graduation.

Majors and minors

  • Mathematics (major and minor) — You may pursue a Bachelor of Science or a Bachelor of Arts degree as a Mathematics major and study a wide range of areas such as calculus, algebra, programming, analysis, and physics.
  • Statistics (minor) — The Statistics minor at Mercer University explores the art of data and how it intertwines itself with every aspect of life.


  • Actuarial Science — In this program, you will learn how to assess financial risk and be educated in mathematics and statistics. You will also learn analytical and problem-solving skills, business sense, communication skills, and computer skills.