Dr. Jeff Denny

Professor of Mathematics

Associate Dean of the College of Liberal Arts

Dr. Jeff DennyEducation

  • Ph.D. in Mathematics, Florida State University
  • M.S. in Mathematics, Florida State University
  • B.S. in Mathematics and Computer Science-Mathematics, Furman University

Courses Taught

  • First-Year Experience (UNV 101)
  • Elementary Statistics (STA 126)
  • Pre-calculus (MAT 133)
  • Calculus I & II (MAT 191 & 192)
  • Discrete Mathematics (MAT 225)
  • Differential Equations (MAT 330)
  • Advanced Mathematical Modeling (MAT 345)
  • Special Topics (MAT 390)
  • Abstract Algebra (MAT 461 & 462)
  • Real Analysis (MAT 481 & 482)

Student Projects Supervised

  • Tori Breaugh ’15, “Scheduling classrooms using integer programming”
  • Elizabeth Shaughnessy ’10, “Modeling a Soccer Kick”
  • Zack Dentmon ’08, “Spectral Radius and Gersgorin’s Theorem”

Scholarly and Professional Interests

My work focuses on solving applied problems and engaging undergraduates in these experiences. Most project have focused on mathematical modeling in a variety of contexts, including biophysics, mathematical biology, and integer programming.

Current Projects

“An Integer Programming Approach to Scheduling Classrooms and Resolving Student Schedule Issues”

I have developed and am improving a computer program to schedule College of Liberal Arts courses in appropriate classrooms. Using integer programming, this routine incorporates information such as class size, room size, classroom arrangement, and departmental preference.  In addition, I have developed a suite of integer programs for resolving schedule issues encountered by individual students and by groups of students.  These are currently undergoing testing through applied use.

“Development of a Competition Growth Assay to Be Used as a Teaching Experience for Mathematical Modeling Students”

In this joint work with Dr. Amy Wiles in the Department of Biology, we are developing an advanced wet lab experience for mathematical modeling students. These upper-division students have limited exposure to the lab and need to gain hands-on experience in order to understand the modeling process fully. The project under development requires the students to do advanced techniques such as serial dilutions in addition to the mathematical modeling and data fitting.


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Contact Dr. Jeff Denny

(478) 301-5981