Department of Women's and Gender Studies

Explore societal constructs

Mercer University’s Women’s and Gender Studies program explores the intersections of gender, race, ethnicity, sexuality, class, and other axes of power. We investigate how these concepts have shaped the individual as well as social, cultural, and political organization both historically and in our contemporary world. Drawing on a range of disciplines including history, literature, anthropology, political science, biology, sociology, religion, communications, media studies, and global health, you have the opportunity to learn in a truly intersectional and interdisciplinary environment. Research and theory emerge from our study of women’s and men’s everyday realities, and feminist theory, in turn, informs our analysis of political choices.

Majors and minors

  • Women’s and Gender Studies (major and minor) — Earn a Bachelor of Arts degree while you explore the history of gender roles and examine how our society is shaped by them. Courses in this program empower you to understand a diverse set of views on a number of topics that impact your daily life.


  • Applied Social Justice — This certificate allows you to gain hands-on experience in social justice work. Courses provide new perspectives and recognize the importance of justice for all people regardless of racial, national, religion, gendered, or sexual identity.